A non-stop European Journey

From May 8th , General Manager Jianchang Su led the company's observation team to start an efficient observation tour. It took 6 days to visit 5 European countries, with a total distance of 22,500 kilometers, and participated in the Mushroom Days held in the Netherlands. Meng Xiangying(the deputy general manager), Mr Shutong Bi( the general manager of the business department of European subsidiary), Mr.Chenglei Si (General manager assistant), Mr.Zhendong Wang, Mr.Lujun Zhang,and Mrs. Weining Cui(manager of the foreign operation center), were in the team.


On May 8, General Manager Jianchang Su led the delegation to Berlin, Germany. And drove to the customer's farm for investigation. The person in charge of Berlin Farm warmly received the delegation, accompanying them to visit their bagging workshop, cultivation and mushroom production workshop, with introductions of their production and operation in detail. Both sides had an deep communication about the next step of cooperation.

After Berlin , the delegation set off immediately. At local time 22:00pm, the delegation arrived in Poland.


On the morning of May 9, the person in charge of our Polish base accompanied GM.Jianchang Su to go to the production workshop and put forward some constructive suggestions based on the current issues as well as supervising the construction progress of the planting base. During the meeting for management personnel , GM Jianchang Su put forward new directions and goals for the production and operation of the base, and emphasized that we must always follow our policy of “the struggler as the foundation and the product as the core" to improve management and personal comprehensive ability.  

On the same day, the delegation also went to the button mushroom production and packaging workshop of the Polish partner for investigation and exchange. Afterwards, they rushed from Poland overnight to the Netherlands, participating in the Mushroom Days event .


At 8 a.m. on May 10th, after an 10-hour drive, the delegation arrived in the Netherlands to participate in the Mushroom Days where to promote products and seek business opportunities.  We also took this chance to invite the exhibitors and visitors for the "2023 International Shiitake Mushroom Industry Innovation Expo", which will be held in Zibo, China on June 10, hosted by Qihe Biotech.


At 10 o'clock in the evening, the delegation arrived in Madrid, Spain.


On May 11, the delegation successively visited many customers in northern Spain. General Manager Jianchang Su indepth investigated customers’ production base, learning customers’ needs , discussing the market situation and future development direction of the edible fungus industry with customers. Customers express that Qihe Biotech is leading the digital production and will drive the global edible fungus industry to build a higher form of industrialization layout.

Non-stop, the delegation drove more than 500 kilometers to south Spain. At 22:50 local time, arriving at the customer: MERCAJARA Company, the group visited their mushroom production workshop overnight to learn their recent mushroom stick production situation, and put forward proposals.


On May 12th, General Manager Jianchang Su had a meeting with Domingo, the Chairman of MERCAJARA, and exchanged views on the next step of cooperation and the development plan of both parties.

This year, General Manager Jianchang Su has visited Europe twice. The intensive,high-quality and efficient investigation itinerary has accelerated the progress of company's "the whole industry, the whole category, Globalization" layout, building a new pattern of domestic and foreign dual cycles for the company.


Post time: May-16-2023
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