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Mr Su Jianchang and His Delegation Visit the United States


In order to further integrate global resources and develop American market, on October 16th, General Manager Su Jianchang led a team to visit the United States. This is the fourth visit to the United States by General Manager Su Jianchang this year. Company investment advisor Wang Zhuijin, Deputy General Managers Meng Xiangying and Yang Shuhui, and Americas Business Division's Manager Du Xingpeng accompanied the visit.


On October 17th, General Manager Su Jianchang and his delegation visited the Hyatt Group in Manhattan, New York, USA to meet with the chairman of the Hyatt Group's board, Jerry. Chairman Jerry expressed high recognition for our company's deployment in the United States and looks forward to deepening the cooperation between the two parties on business expansion in the US. At the Hyatt Group, the delegation met with Dr. Wang Hongbin, the author of "Metaverse Technology and Applications." Professor Wang Hongbin currently serves as the chairman of the board of directors for multiple publicly listed companies in the United States, Thailand, and Hong Kong. He has conducted extensive research on the integration of agriculture and next-generation information technology. Meanwhile, both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on the deep processing and extraction of edible mushroom products and the business of agricultural companies listing in the United States.


Mr. Su and his entourage visited the renowned investment firm, Prime Capital, in Manhattan for in-depth discussions on the company's U.S. listing. On October 18th, Mr Su and his team visited Mr. Yin in the U.S. for in-depth discussions on the deployment of their specialty mushroom factory in the U.S.


On October 19th, General Manager Su Jianchang was invited to the home of Ms. Sun Ning in New Jersey to communicate about the future branding, operation, and sales channel deployment of the company in the United States.


The next day, Mr. Su and his delegation visited the headquarters of Bank of America in Manhattan, New York, and had in-depth discussions with Jing Chen, head of the private bank, and Sailor, head of the investment bank.


In the future, Qihe Biotech will increase its investment and presence in North America, especially United States.