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Shelf Life:
3 months
Weight (kg):
GAP, HACCP, ISO2200, Organic product certificate
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
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Qihe 808
Product name:
Shiitake Mushroom Logs Spawn Suppliers for Grow Shiitake
Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation
Carton/mesh bag
sawdust + bran + water
Anticipated yield:
3 times totally 0.6-0.8kg.
Transport temperature:

Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
4500000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
12pcs/CTN, 14400PCS/40'HQ; 6048PCS/20'GP, CTN size: 40*38.5*29cm for Shiitake Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn
Qingdao, Rizhao, Weifang

Lead Time :
10 days after got the payment

Product Description

Our mushroom Logs containing growing media/substrate inoculated with mushroom spawn. There is some white material which is called mycelium, the logs will be brown in color until it fully mature. And then the mushroom spawn can be shipped to you. We will teach you how to grow step by step, which will help to save your 80% time and energy, you can harvest the 1st flush/crop in about 7-11 days after the bags arrived at you.

Item Shiitake Mushroom Logs / Spawn
Type Qihe #7
Size Standard size: 10*40cm or can be customized as you need
Color Overall color is brown. Some parts of white pots to be the normal phenomenon.
Main Ingredient Sawdust
Weight 1.6-1.8kg
Anticipated yield 3-4 times totally 0.6-0.8kg. (40% for the first flush, 30% for send flush, 30% for the third flush)
Suggested Fruiting Circles 3 flushes
Fruiting period 3 -4months
Shelf life 6 months

Quality Standard

High yield, stable quality. We will check all the goods before ship to you.
Strains temperature of growth 12-25℃
Transport temperature 0℃-5℃
Humidity 85%-90%
MOQ 6000pcs
Certificate GAP, HACCP, Organic product certificate, ISO 22000

1. Hyphal proliferation and hyphen knots: The process of substrate turned into primordium.


2. The initial period of fruiting: The primordium is turned into fruit body.


3 The fruiting period: The baby fruit body is growing to be mature fruit body.


4. The mature period: The fruit body is mature and becomes senility and decay.


5.The senility period: The fruit body is senility and becomes decay.


6.Dormancy stage: After harvest the fruit body, and come for the next flush from Hyphal Proliferation And hyphal knots till senility, the grow bags are o the recovery period of inner mycelium. When there is some white mycelium comes out from the hole, the dormancy is finished and start for the next crop. (Some varieties grow without this period). 

Company Profile

Shandong Qihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd is the biggest manufacturer and exporter of shiitake mushroom spawn in China, specialized in this field nearly 20 years. Our mushroom production bases covering an area of more than 1000500 square meters. We have strong ability to help you to create and expand your local market. Hope to be your honest supplier in China.


There are 2 kinds of the package we can offer. Carton package and mesh bag package.

For carton package, 12pcs/CTN, 1200CTNS/40’HQ, 504CTNS/20’GP

                                 14400pcs/40’HQ, 6048pcs/20’GP

For mesh bag package, 10pcs/bag, 1500bags/40’HQ, 720bags/20’GP

                                 15000pcs/40’HQ, 7200pcs/20’GP

Why Choose Us

1.Large-scale production

We have an edible mushroom production base covering an area of more than 1000500 square meters. It has more than 500 mushroom greenhouses, 140,000 square meters of mushroom factory production workshops, At present, the company annually produces 45 million pcs of shiitake mushroom spawn.


2.Rich Experience

Shandong QiHe Bio-Technology Co., Ltd have 18 years’ experience in mushroom growing since from our elder generation, we can supply one-stop service of mushroom growing, including the mushroom logs, the mushroom growing houses and the equipment, also the technical guidance.


3.Strong production capacity

We can produce 45millions mushroom sticks per year, we have exported to USA, SouthKrea, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Philippines. We can get reorder from all of our clients over the world every week now.



The yield of common shiitake mushroom type on the market is about 0.5kg/pc. But our production can achieve 0.6-0.8kg/pc.

Our Factory

Foreign bases

Three shiitake mushroom production bases were established in Gyeonggi- do, Nagoya and Chiba, Japan. Sales offices were established in Pennsylvania and establish three shiitake mushroom production bases in Atlanta, New Jersey, and Seattle; Established the production bases in Frankfurt, Germany; New shiitake mushroom production bases is being established with the local business partner in Sydney, Australia.


Our Clients

1. We have established three shiitake mushroom production bases in USA (Atlanta, New Jersey, and Seattle); Japan (Gyeonggi-do, Nagoya, and Chiba); Germany (Frankfurt). And new shiitake mushroom production bases are being established with the local business partner in Sydney, Australia.


2. Importing mushroom logs from us, and manage to grow fresh mushroom and sell to your local customers, we will teach you how to grow step by step, which will help to save your 80% time and energy.


3. Double security value-added services. We will check all the goods we shipped to guarantee the good quality. And also we can send our technologist to your local farm to help you to grow mushroom successfully.


4. We are here 24/7 to answer you any questions.

Enterprise Sales Network

We are the largest manufacturer of export shiitake mushroom spawn in China, our shiitake mushroom spawn had 40% of the market in the USA, 50% in Japan and Korea. Its selling all over the world, such as USA, Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Romania, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina. We got re-order from our clients every day.


1. Question: What is the specification of the shiitake sticks?

Answer : Weight 1.6-1.8KG/pc   Spec: Standard specification dia :10cm*40cm

2. Question: What is the yield/output of the shiitake sticks:

Answer: Anticipated yield: 0.6-0.8kg/pc

3. Question: What is the shelf life of shiitake sticks?

Answer: 6Months, sooner on shelf growing, the yield will be better.

4. Question: How to ship the shiitake sticks?

Answer: Till now, there is only one way to ship the mushroom spawn, with Reefer container by vessel.

5. Question: What is the MOQ?

Answer: 6000pcs/ 20’RF container, will help you to save the freight cost by vessel.

6. Question: How many flushes to grow?

Answer: Suggested to grow 3-4 flushes/circles.

7. Question: What is the fruiting times from the first day on shelf growing till throwing out the sticks?

Answer: t depends on your growing room facility and your experience, as normal, it will take about 85 days.

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  • 1.   Large-scale production

    Our edible mushroom production base covers totally an area of more than 1,000,500 square meters. There are more than 500 mushroom greenhouses, 140,000 square meters of mushroom factory production workshops. At present, we annually produces 100 million pcs of mushroom spawn sticks.

    2.   Rich Experience

    Shandong Qihe Bio-Technology Co., Ltd has more than 20 years’ experience in mushroom growing starting since our elder generation founded our company. We can supply one-stop service of mushroom growing, including mushroom spawn logs, mushroom growing houses and related equipment, also the technical guidance.

    3.   Strong production capability

    We can produce 100 million mushroom sticks per year. We have exported to USA, South Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Philippines, etc. We get reorders from all of our clients over the world every week.

    4.   High-yield

    The yield of common type of shiitake mushroom spawn stick in the market is about 0.5kg/pc. But our products can achieve 0.6-0.8kg/pc.

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